Victoria: Insulate Your Attic with Polar Home Improvement!

Victoria may be blessed with year-round favourable whether, but when the temperature begins to dip from November to March, it can really take a hit on your family’s home energy costs. That’s where our family steps in! For over 30 years, Polar Home Improvement has helped maximize the comfort and energy-savings of Victoria area homes!

Victoria’s Attic Insulation Installers

Since heat always rises, it is essential to have a professional blown-in cellulose or fibreglass installation. Many homeowners lose upwards of 25% of heat through their attic. This isn’t just wasteful; it can really raise your energy costs as well. Polar Home Improvement is here to help!

With our professional CGSB-certified insulation installers, we can ensure an effective installation every time, while preventing air leakage through your attic, ceilings, baffles, and hatches. And, we always back up our work with a 5-year warranty, and honour material warranties as well.

If it weren’t for Canada, our company and family wouldn’t be the success it is today. That’s why we use Canadian-made Weathershield™ cellulose for each blown-in cellulose installation!

Beat attic heat loss – call Polar Home Improvement today!